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Call me experimental!  The act of making art has been my passion for a surprising number of decades!  In my “former life” as a New England classical artist, I painted traditional portraits, landscapes, still life and loved it!  Now in my golden years, I’ve become a renegade free to create the experimental type works that I’ve always admired and been intrigued by.  Wabi-Sabi is a freeing Japanese philosophy that champions the imperfect by finding and capturing its beauty from within.  Art works containing found objects of mixed media highly textural collages - representational or non-objective - you may see nearly anything from me.  Indulge me…as I’m indulging me!  Please feel free to comment; the door is wide open for both of us…love to hear from you and hope you enjoy what you see!  Yours, Marie

PS, painting above is from former life "Flying Red Onion", 11" x 16" oil on canvas NFS